WEAVE: Womens' Engaging Arts Vision for Everyone

WEAVE is a new project concerned with contemporary art interwoven into life of the local communities.

Participants will be given the opportunity to learn about different contemporary artists and their practice. The project will include:- drawing, painting, ceramics, collage, monoprinting and textiles. Participants will:-

  • explore their own creativity inspired by each contemporary artist’s work
  • have the opportunity to work with art materials not used before
  • experiment with different techniques
  • this project will help participants to gain new knowledge and skills
  • create artworks

The artists are as follows:-

  • Week 1 – Kath Kollwitz/Eva Hesse — Drawing
  • Week 2 – Henri Matisse/Fiona Rae — Painting
  • Week 3 – Barbara Kruger/Jenny Holzer — Collage
  • Week 4 - Grayson Perry/Louise Goodman — Ceramics
  • Week 5 – Kiki Smith/Joyce Kozlof — Printmaking
  • Week 6 – Annie and Joseph Albers — Textiles

WEAVE (women’s engaging arts vision for everyone) Presents

CAKE (contemporary arts in Kimblesworth and exhibition)

Contemporary Art Workshops in Kimblesworth and Plawsworth Community Centre

Thursdays 10am — 12noon

all art materials supplied

Art means freedom to become self-aware, enables self-expression, improves mental health, explore your creativity and discover the artist within, be creative, be courageous!