Rhonda Fenwick

Abstraction Arabian Sunset
Abstraction Black Sea
Abstraction Dawn in the Gardens of Gethsemane
Abstraction Dusk in the Gardens of Gethsemane
Abstraction Grand Canyon I
Abstraction Grand Canyon II

Visual Artist & Film Maker

Rhonda's work is concerned with the creation of a sublime world that manifests in an ephemeral space between an art object and a spectator's experiencing of it; where art works come into being through the 'play' of others. How a work of art may come into 'being' through imagination, and also relates to our connectedness to Nature and how we interact socially with the world around us. Through play and imagination we can create spaces, places and worlds. We can re-connect through our feelings and responses to the sacredness of our lives and our relationships with self, others, objects and the spaces we inhabit.

Her practice is explorative and experimental, working across media, through the mediums of painting, drawing, film, photography, combined media installation, environmental art, text and dance.

Rhonda also works as a participatory artist in the Community,Voluntary, Public and Private Sectors using the arts as a vehicle to bring people together to work in collaboration.


Selected Solo Exhibitions:

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